Goal 16

Domestic Markets for Agricultural Products

The value of agricultural products produced for, and consumed within, the Nova Scotia domestic market will have increased by $230 million.

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Goal Status

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Baseline: $1.61B
Current: $1.73B
Target: $1.84B

Current Situation

In 2018, Nova Scotians consumed $1.73 billion in locally farmed, processed, and prepared food. Locally farmed, caught and processed food represented $584 million of household consumption, and locally prepared meals at restaurants represented another $1.15 billion. Following a decline in 2014, consumption increased each year since. Most of the increase since 2013 reflects increases in the value of restaurant meals consumed. The value of processed food increased in 2017 and 2018 after a period of decline.

Year Value of Household Consumption of Food Target Baseline
2013 1606166.954 1840000 1610000
2014 1515398.114 1840000 1610000
2015 1548020.382 1840000 1610000
2016 1596972.612 1840000 1610000
2017 1697222.27 1840000 1610000
2018 1730753.191 1840000 1610000

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What This Means

The headline indicator measures household consumption of farm to table, wharf to table, processors to table food and locally prepared restaurant meals in Nova Scotia. The information here assumes that households consume imported food products (unprocessed, processed and in restaurants) following the same patterns as the imports of food products in the overall Nova Scotia market. While some information is known about direct sales from local farms and fishers to households, it is difficult to estimate the full linkages between domestic agricultural markets, local food processing, and household consumption.  The existing information does not distinguish how much of the food used by local restaurants, food processing or households is produced domestically versus imported.

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