Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the One NS dashboard updated?

The dashboard is updated as new information from Statistics Canada is received, reviewed and compared to the current information for each goal. There are typically 3-5 updates throughout the year.


Will it be possible to meet the targets of all 19 goals?

The targets set by the One Nova Scotia Commission were intentionally stretch goals - designed to inspire audaity in Nova Scotians. They are challenging, but by working together toward a shared agenda, we have already surpassed the target for some of the goals. There is still work to be done on others. The progress of each goal is featured on the One NS dashboard, where the public can see if we are on-track to meet each goal. 


What is One NS doing to make progress on the goals that are currently not progressing?

All Nova Scotians need to work together to change the future of our province and achieve the One NS goals. One NS communicates information and progress on the goals and engages stakeholders to help keep work on the goals top-of-mind province-wide. 


Why aren’t all start-ups in Nova Scotia measured for goal 4 - only high-growth start-ups?

Goal 4 was initally set to increase the number of business start-ups in the province by 50 per cent. However, a downward trend nationally and provincially in the number of newly registered businesses for an extended period suggested that drivers unrelated to economic activity were at play and that the indicator was not measuring what the goal intended. Thus, the goal was updated with a new indicator of tracking only high-growth firms, which is thought to better represent the start-up culture the goal was intended to measure. 


Are there efforts being made to help the working-age population obtain work or obtain further education to assist in finding work?

Currently, there are a number of programs in place to assist Nova Scotian residents in finding work and/or obtain proper education to assist them in obtaining work. These programs vary in each region of the province.


Once a goal is met, is it considered complete?

While it’s exciting when we reach or surpass the target of a goal, we do not consider it to be complete. These goals were set with longevity in mind, so we will continue tracking their progress and provide any updates, positive or negative, in the numbers.


Where can I find more information about One Nova Scotia?

You can find information about the background of One NS, the goals, their progress year-over-year, and definitions for how we track information related to the goals on our website - We also recommend following us on social media to stay up-to-date on upcoming events, website updates, and more. We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


How can I get involved and/or make an impact?

To help make an impact in building our new economy, you can simply help us spread the word about the goals.Share the information with your network, ask your community and industry leaders what they are doing to help meet the goals, and keep the conversation going!