Goal 14

Tourism Expansion

As Nova Scotia’s leading source of service sector exports, gross business revenues from tourism will reach $4 billion (approximately double the current level).

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Goal Status

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Baseline: $2B
Current: $2.6B
Target: $4B

Current Situation

Though tourism revenues have grown in each of the last three years, this pace of growth is not enough to meet the 2024 target of $4 billion. From the 2010 baseline of $2.02 billion, Nova Scotia tourism revenues have increased by 29.2 per cent to $2.61 billion in 2018.

Year Tourism revenues Target
2010 2.019 4
2011 2.258 4
2012 2.325 4
2013 2.302 4
2014 2.282 4
2015 2.229 4
2016 2.378 4
2017 2.6 4
2018 2.609 4

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What This Means

This data shows the total amount of money being spent by consumers, both from within and outside of the province. This is a common indicator of the size of and growth in an industry.

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