From 'rad' to 'right some good': a move from Yorkton, Sask. to Halifax

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Liz Gosselin
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How culturally different is small town Saskatchewan from Halifax, the biggest city in the Maritimes? Quite a lot, if you ask Liz Gosselin, and not in the ways you might expect.

Originally from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Gosselin lived in Montreal for a year before moving to Halifax to attend NASCAD University. She then spent a year in Germany before deciding to return to Halifax to start her company. 

Were there any unique foods in Halifax that you'd never seen before?

Donairs. At home there's a big Ukrainian community so you see perogies everywhere, but that has flipped to donairs now that I'm here. I haven't actually tried one though, because I'm allergic to beef! The other thing is garlic fingers, they don't exist anywhere else, and they come with sweet donair sauce and that's so dangerous!

(*Garlic fingers are basically a pizza-shaped garlic bread cut into strips and topped with cheese; and perhaps the best way to describe donair sauce is runny sweet garlic frosting. Sounds gross, tastes amazing.)

Is there any new vocabulary that you've noticed in Halifax?

At home everyone says "wicked" or "rad" a lot, which is weird because it is way more hipster here, but everyone here talks like they are from a small town. There's a lot of bad grammar. Everybody says, "Do you want a drive somewheres?" and that is probably my favourite sentence!

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